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Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO

President and CEO Atsushi Watanabe

In April 1, 2012, JFE Bars & Shapes Corporation was reborn after the four electric furnace companies of the JFE Steel Group were merged.

Following this, in April 2017, our special steel bar and wire rod businesses were transferred to JFE Steel, and we shifted to a structure with five domestic factories. 2020 saw the establishment of an optimized production system with two shaped steel factories and three factories for steel bars for use in reinforced concrete, bringing us to the present day.

JFE Bars & Shapes plays a role as a member of the JFE Group, which forms the core of the Japanese steel industry. This includes our use of scrap iron, one of the few resources in Japan, as a raw material for recycling steel products.

A steelmaking process using electric furnaces has low CO emissions and is friendly to the global environment. Furthermore, we are one of the few companies with a resource-recycling business that uses waste (used dry batteries, etc.) as a resource together with scrap iron to give it a new lease of productive life.

This is one way in which the steel products we produce play a major role in supporting society by contributing to various forms of construction and enhancing the nation’s resilience.

The three pillar businesses of JFE Bars & Shapes are 1) shaped steel, 2) steel bars (rebar), and 3) resource recycling. In order to provide products that our customers appreciate, we will work as one unified company to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diversifying needs of Japan and overseas countries on a daily basis, with an untiring adventurous spirit.

We make it our mission to contribute to a resource-recycling society and reduce burdens on the environment through efficient utilization (recycling) of scrap iron and waste, and we aim to be a company that we can be proud of before everyone.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of JFE Bars & Shapes.

President and CEO
Atsushi Watanabe

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